Arthritis In The Hand

Arthritis can be very painful and it can make it difficult to complete your daily activities. If your hands, hips, knees or back are always hurting, you don’t want to move around much and this can lead to more problems. Surgery and medication can be dangerous and they just mask the symptoms. A better alternative is to use stem cell treatment for arthritis. Stem cell therapy is safe, non-invasive and doesn’t involve drugs.

Arthritis causes inflammation and pain around your joints. Your joints are going to be stiff and painful and they could even be be red and swollen. As the cartilage breaks down, your bones actually start to rub together which causes the pain. Unfortunately arthritis is hard to avoid.

As you age, your joints naturally begin to wear down and you start feeling the pain. You are also likely to get arthritis earlier if you have a family history of the disease. If you are a woman, you are also more likely to get arthritis. If you have ever injured a joint, you are more likely to get arthritis in that joint. You are also going to be more prone to arthritis when you are carrying excess pounds. The weight is going to wear down your joints which will make your arthritis worse.

If your arthritis is starting to interfere with the quality of your life, then you want to start getting it treated. Some of the changes you can make yourself, like losing weight if you are obese and making it a point to exercise more if you rarely exercise. You can take pain medication, but it doesn’t do anything to address the cause of the arthritis and taking pain medication each day can lead to side effects. You can develop liver and stomach problems when you take pain medication long term.

A more natural option is to try stem cell therapy. This treatment method is totally safe and it is proven to work. The treatments use your own stem cells which are injected into your joints. The stem cells speed healing and they can actually cause new cartilage to grow. The stem cells repair the damage that the arthritis has caused and the pain starts to go away.

Stem cell treatments are safe and they are all natural. The stem cells go right to the injured areas and start to heal them right away. Your tissue is actually regenerated and the stem cells will even reproduce. Complete Pain Care offers stem cell treatments that treat all types of arthritis pain anywhere in your body.

When you visit Complete Pain Care, the doctors will develop a custom treatment plan that is going to address the cause of your pain and treat it. Stem cell treatment for arthritis is effective and it is going to help you deal with the pain of your arthritis. You won’t need to take pain medication or even consider having surgery when you have stem cell treatments.